Capture The Flag Mystery

Katie the kitty has disappeared, and she’s expecting kittens soon!
Solve the mystery of the missing cat by solving computer security and forensics challenges.


THE SUSPECTS (Living with Kitty Katie in Aunt Lydia's mansion):

The Niece - Avette Charlton The Nephew - Charles Charlton The Butler - John Smith


Katie may have been kidnapped because she just inherited a fortune from her owner Aunt Lydia.


You are a computer forensics investigator for the Holyoke Police Department. The police detectives have collected evidence that needs to be analyzed. The evidence will be presented to you in challenges. For each challenge you must find the answer (the flag) and type it in. Please save Katie! Good luck!

Get Started!

  1. Register as a new team. You can be your own team or work with a partner!
  2. Solve the challenges.
  3. After you solve all the puzzles, enter solution to the last challenge and find out if you've cracked the case.

How it works

To solve this mystery, you'll need to know about cyber security, including cracking passwords, breaking encryption, deciphering steganographic messages, and more. You can learn more about these topics here:

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